Pallets, pallets and more pallets

Happy 2016!  Nature Calls, LLC is open for business and currently taking custom orders!

Right before Christmas, a friend texted me that his company recently received a shipment with unusual, small pallets. Did I want them? (Um. Really?)

He doesn’t own a truck, so when he said we could meet up in the parking lot and I could take them, I was picturing a few baby pallets stacked up in his compact car’s trunk. When he and his wife pulled up in their CRV, pallets were EVERYWHERE. Like I couldn’t even tell who was driving.

You see this photo? They all fit in their car. Every last one. In one trip. I was waiting for the circus music to be cued when we opened the doors and saw all of these shoved in every inch of open space in their vehicle. (I totally underestimated the space in a CRV.)


“I don’t think they’ll all fit in the Jeep,” my husband warned. Again, underestimating the CRV, we didn’t bring the truck.

I gave him a look. He sighed, and I clapped my hands with glee. I know that sigh well. It is him conceding.  He sees the crazed look in my eyes and knows when it’s not worth pushing the subject, knowing full well that I will happily sit on a pallet or four just to make them all fit instead of leaving one behind. Or that I was contemplating taking Uber so more pallets could go in the Jeep. (Completely rational in my mind.)

You were sadly not in the Jeep (nor would you have been able to fit had you been there), but the SMELL of these pallets is what I’m excited to share with you today. Yes, the smell. Said friend failed to mention that these heat treated pallets (no chemicals!) are made of CEDAR. CEDAR PALLETS. It’s probably good that he didn’t tell me ahead of time because I would have completely lost it in the parking lot. I seriously felt like I had won the lottery.

Christmas morning came early to this happy artist. And now I get to start creating with them! The supply of cedar pallets is limited, so please place an order now if you’d like a custom piece designed from this beautiful wood.





About Mel

My name is Mel, and I spend my time living, working and playing on the east coast. I'm a reclaimed wood artist who loves to continually find ways to repurpose wood and give it new life. "Nature Calls: Reclaimed Wood Designs" is my business dedicated to doing that! Thanks for stopping by!
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