Pallet Ceiling

I’ve been doing a lot of field work lately, including installing a pallet ceiling in a first floor bathroom.  Pallet wood is a simple solution to transform a basic space into a “wow” room. Only heat-treated (HT) pallet planks are used for these projects. (If you decide to install one of these on your own, steer clear from any pallet that has “MB” marked on it. That is a chemical you do NOT want in your house.)



Pallet boards were laid out and arranged before installing so that we could a good color scheme and pattern down for the seven foot expanse:





I’m excited about how the room turned out. I’m also excited that the client commented on my boots and wants a pair…because my not-so-secret mission is to make flannel and John Deere work boots a fashion trend for women in suburban Philly.


About Mel

My name is Mel, and I spend my time living, working and playing on the east coast. I'm a reclaimed wood artist who loves to continually find ways to repurpose wood and give it new life. "Nature Calls: Reclaimed Wood Designs" is my business dedicated to doing that! Thanks for stopping by!
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