Pallet Earrings

If you’ve caught an episode of “Fixer Upper,” you may have seen distractingly awesome, rectangular, chunky wooden earrings swinging from Joanna Gaines’ lobes. (Yeah. I’m just a little bit in love with them.) She seems to favor one pair and wears them pretty regularly.  With all of the talk of shiplap on that show, I’m surprised that I honed in on her earrings instead of how she transformed a room with repurposed shiplap. (Again. Hey, I have nothing against the show. I adore Chip and Joanna. But that’s a LOT of shiplap.  I’m more into seeing what Clint creates as a feature piece in the home.)

There are plenty of pallet scraps laying around my barnyard that are the perfect size to slice into rectangular earrings of my own. Only heat-treated (no chemicals) pieces are used, and the earrings are made from standard pallet wood or cedar pallet remnants. They are then sanded down and sealed before stainless steel hardware is added. Earrings are available in natural (as pictured below) highlighting the unique grain pattern, or dark walnut.


With the Vermont festival season starting a week from Saturday, I’ve been busy preparing smaller scale items for the three upcoming shows. (For details on the events, please check out the 2016 Show Schedule link above. I’d love to see you!)

These earrings will be available for purchase at the shows for only $7 per pair. They are EXTREMELY lightweight!  (Wood slab studs will also be available again for $5 per pair.)

Wood slab studs ($5):


Pallet earrings ($7):

FullSizeRender 2


About Mel

My name is Mel, and I spend my time living, working and playing on the east coast. I'm a reclaimed wood artist who loves to continually find ways to repurpose wood and give it new life. "Nature Calls: Reclaimed Wood Designs" is my business dedicated to doing that! Thanks for stopping by!
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