The Bar

Within an hour of getting the order for this piece, I couldn’t think of anything else but starting it. To say I was inspired is an understatement.

It was another client giving me carte blanche, the two words that every artist wants to hear when receiving an order.

Carte blanche allows someone to get completely lost in a project, to start with dimensions and some reclaimed wood and let the hours slip away under the summer sun to stand back at the end of the day, look at the piece, and think, “How on earth did that morph into THIS?”

Adding a black accent to a rustic wooden piece tends to make the wood you want featured “pop” and stand out.

For the four bar stools, I knew I was going to use 3″ blonde slabs that have been seasoning in my shop for the past year. Those were sanded down after being added to bases that were finished in black.


After a few more runs with the sander and coats of poly, the stools were done.

The bar was a beast. (Shocker.)  I built it in three pieces that attached easily so it would be able to fit in the truck and be easily moved into the clients’ home by two people.

Pallet wood, barn wood, and a split rail fence piece make up the entire bar. There are nooks and crannies for all sorts of bar ware, from a bottle opener…


to hidden wine glass racks (under the bottle shelf for an incredible whiskey collection)…


to plenty of bar top space…FullSizeRender 3.jpg

to a mixing shelf framed with a barrel stave.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

I think Jim likes it. Mission accomplished.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


FullSizeRender 7.jpg

FullSizeRender 6


The Bar: can be custom built for any space you have indoors or outdoors. Please contact me with your idea for a quote!

Wood slab barstools are also available for purchase.

About Mel

My name is Mel, and I spend my time living, working and playing on the east coast. I'm a reclaimed wood artist who loves to continually find ways to repurpose wood and give it new life. "Nature Calls: Reclaimed Wood Designs" is my business dedicated to doing that! Thanks for stopping by!
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