Wood Peeps

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Growing up, besides the obvious reason why I loved Easter, I loved it because of…Peeps. Yep. Those chemically-enhanced, processed goodies coated in even more sugar (as if a pure marshmallow wasn’t enough to put you in a diabetic coma). Now Peeps are available at all different holidays, but they used to be just an Easter thing. I didn’t like eating them fresh; stale peeps were the way to go. I’d rip open a package and then let them sit for a few days and get crunchy.  (Weird, unless you know of some of my  eating habits growing up. Pickles and milk were my favorite snack. And my mom will happily offer to tell you about my love of liverwurst before I could even walk.)

And then our family realized the versatility of those little guys, thanks to the internet. Not only could you run a fresh Peep over with your car and they bounce back to normal (disturbing on so many accounts), but you could put them in the microwave and things happen. Entertainment for hours at .99.

Then. THEN. We discovered the best thing ever to do with a Peep. I wish I could remember what prompted us to try cooking them over a campfire, but the result was incredible. It’s like creme brûlée. No joke. Try it. I have converted so friends to camp with Peeps that when people in my inner circle talk about traditional marshmallows, someone gasps in horror. I won’t eat a normal marshmallow anymore.

Last year, a friend suggested that I make huge log snow people to go with the log deer I build for the holidays. But now that the show season is over, I keep hearing the grumble that I muttered repeatedly to myself and anyone within close proximity over the past few months as I was lugging pallet racks, stools, small bars, and more around to festivals.

“I need to build lighter things.” Yes. YES.  Lugging large logs to these events next year? No way. I’m tired just thinking about it.

So I scaled down the original concept to a desktop version. I was wearing a knit cap this past week when I got my hands on some dried birch logs. That same day, I was also going through clothes to give away and discovered I had way too many socks. Unfortunately, Goodwill never got those because they turned into knit caps for the snow people. Naturally.

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My knit cap attire + old socks + small logs = the birth of Wood Peeps.


They look like marshmallow Peeps, but if you’re a fan of Urban Dictionary like I am, you will know that “peeps” is also short for “people.” (You’re welcome. My vocabulary is extensive, but mostly due to Melanisms and Urban Dictionary. Fair warning: you may want to avoid talking to me if you are studying to take the GRE’s.)

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Made from recycled (clean) socks and scarves, reclaimed logs, moss and bark, these little guys make me happy. I hope they have the same impact on you.

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Double Wood Peep:

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My personal favorite is the little Sk8ter dude/snowboarder shredding some moss:

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Available at Vine & Branches (Bennington, VT) and Bloomin’ Art (Hoosick, NY). Also available via custom orders this holiday season, so place your order early to get them for the holidays.

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(If you are looking to get rid of old socks or scarves, please let me know…)



Wood Peeps (single): $12

Wood Peeps (double): $20

(+ shipping)

Local delivery and shipping available! Please email for a quote.




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