Double Ladder Shelf

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What’s better than one six foot ladder to hang/display stuff on? TWO ladders, attached with hinges at the top, made out of reclaimed barn wood with removable shelves. Oh happy day. I really don’t want to part with this piece.

Since I work so much with reclaimed lumber, it takes some time for things to register in my brain when I lay my eyes on “new” boards in Home Depot. It doesn’t seem like it’s the same material. There’s just something about a strong, old board with a lot of wear and tear from life.

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The wood used for the ladder shelf is no exception. There are tunnels from carpenter bees, notches from only God knows what, and weathered areas where the sun baked it for an unknown number of years. There are cracks and crevices but the integrity of the wood has not been compromised.  All of the wear and tear only enhances the final product and truly makes it one of a kind.

Yeah.  My kind of lumber. I will always feel more at home surrounded by a pile of wood like that instead of a pile of new boards from the lumber yard. It’s like staying in your childhood room instead of a hotel.

The double ladder shelf easily folds up, which I’m really happy about since this is going to its new home in another state this weekend.

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New year, new ideas!

The sky is the limit with custom orders. This was requested by someone who sent me a photo from Pinterest and asked that I make something similar with my own twist on it. If there is something you’ve seen in a photo or pin that you’d like made for your home, please let me know!


Double Ladder Shelf: $65-$125 (price varies depending on the size). Please email me for a quote!

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