Adir-onic Sofa Table

The Hudson river not only separates Vermont and New York, but the Adirondack and Taconic mountain ranges. And while custom Adirondack furniture has saturated stores west of the river, I rarely see it across the state border in my neck of the woods.

Curious to attempt this style, I invested in a new tool that has quickly become my favorite.

Meet Big Red:


It’s a gloriously oversized pencil sharpener on steroids.

Once I got over my fear of the torque (visions of my shoulders dislocating gives me a healthy respect for the RPM’s on this beast), I realized quickly just how incredible this tool is. Even more awesome? It’s from a lumberjack website. Yes, there really is such a thing.


I’m officially hooked. Between Big Red, my new drawing knife and an endless supply of downed trees from a harsh winter, once the weather warms a bit in the shop, there are endless options. (Wearing gloves while wrangling Big Red is a disaster waiting to happen.)

Here is a little glimpse at my next project with these new tools:



The commercial interruption is over.

I love the look and stability that the ol’ tinker toy assembly method lends to Adirondack-style furniture.


Since I’m in the Taconics and not Adirondacks, I’m not sure if I can call this an Adirondack table. Soooooo…Adirondack style + Taconic trees = Adir-onic table.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

It’s the perfect height for a sofa or loveseat.


The top is finished with linseed oil and 300 grit sandpaper, showcasing the beauty of the natural slab.


Love the look of Adirondack furniture but not the hefty price tag that comes with it? Shop across the river with me. This sofa table is the first piece in a new furniture line by NATURE CALLS.

It’s amazing what you can do once you have the right tools. Yep. Another life metaphor.

Adir-onic Sofa Table: $275

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