Pallet rack w/ earring holder


A modern twist on a classic pallet rack!  I got back to my roots a bit this week and repurposed some wooden pallets. Over the years, I’ve worked with pallets to transform them into wine racks, magazine holders, book racks, hat/scarf racks, bath racks, etc.  I lived and breathed pallets for a loooong time. So long that I started to lose interest in working with them. I even (gasp) burned some HT scraps instead of using them for signs. I KNOW.

Sometimes it requires stepping away from something to get a fresh perspective on it. Like the other day, I was lamenting to myself about the mess of tangled-up earrings and hair bands I store in a small dish.


Yeah. Not pretty. And also not practical.

And then it hit me. By adding small dowel rods to a standard pallet rack, you can not only organize your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, but also have designated spots for toiletries, nail polish, and much more.




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My name is Mel, and I spend my time living, working and playing on the east coast. I'm a reclaimed wood artist who loves to continually find ways to repurpose wood and give it new life. "Nature Calls: Reclaimed Wood Designs" is my business dedicated to doing that! Thanks for stopping by!
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