Bottle Bird Feeder

There was a glorious stretch of warm weather (50’s and 60’s) recently that melted all of the snow. The birds and I came out of hibernation mode. And, keeping with my basic instincts, I naturally had to feed the wildlife ASAP.  (I know they are probably worse off because I feed them. BUT. Can’t. Help. Myself.)


The birdies were a bit confused as to how to get to the seed in the bottles. Some spent a concerning amount of time pecking at the glass bottle before finally figuring out where the food was coming out.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

These bird feeders are just downright fun to make from things found around the woods, in my shop, and in the recycling bin. The bottles easily slide out to fill with seed.



I highly recommend putting bird feeders by a dirty window. Trust me. You’ll thank me later, unless I just have a bunch of groggy birds around these parts.

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Bottle Bird Feeders:  $25-$35 (food and birds are not included)

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