High Top Barn Wood Table

I feel bad for anyone who has had to share a washing machine and dryer with me.

I have some bad habits and downright annoying quirks. Not emptying my pockets before doing laundry is one of them. Or maybe my downfall is what I put in those pockets to begin with…

What I store in my pockets depends on the season. Spring, Summer, Fall? Peanuts. Fall, Winter, Spring? Tissues. All year long? Dog biscuits. Yeah. I don’t even have a dog.

Hey, you never know when one of your little buddies is going to come up to you and want a treat.

Like yesterday. Look who decided to wake up after a six-month nap.


(Diesel is in dire need of a bath. He smells like he’s been underground for half the year. Or, as my sister pointed out, a rodent.)

The problem is, sometimes I don’t remember that I put a dog treat for Sam in one of my many cargo pant pockets. And that I had a wad of tissues in another since my nose seems to be perpetually running in the cold. And peanuts? They are stashed everywhere.

I don’t remember until I take my laundry out of the machine and see a pile of skinless, squeaky clean peanuts at the bottom of the basin.  Or I open the dryer to see shredded tissues covering every article of clothing in there. I won’t mention what happens to the dog biscuits when water hits them. You can deduce the outcome.

While working on this high top table, Sampson was roaming around the shop. Now that Diesel is up, I’ll have another office companion. And the tissues are still going to be an issue because of allergy season.  It’s a trifecta for my poor laundry machines. It’s said that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. Maybe I’ll learn by the end of April to empty my pockets.

The table top is made from a prized stash of green barn wood from a 200-year old barn.  The legs are from fence posts and the cross section from aged iron.


Measuring 40″ tall, this table just needs a few bar stools and you’re ready to entertain.

I hear the dryer buzzing that the load is done. I’m almost afraid to look. Day 1 of 21. Let’s see what kind of new habits I can develop with a little bit of discipline.


High Top Barn Wood Table:  please email me if interested



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