The Adirondack Coffee Table

It’s helpful to know a bit about a client when you are asked to make a custom order for them. In this table’s case, I’ve been in their home; I know their style.

I also know that she could have easily been an interior designer if she wanted.

Her style is like none I’ve ever seen: a modern twist on colonial Williamsburg (is what comes to my mind). It’s absolutely beautiful. She has an eye for design, and knew what she wanted while trusting me to create something that would fit her style and add value to their already beautifully-designed home.

We collaborated together to pick out the legs, a beautiful pair of cast-iron pieces that I purchased from a friend who is fueling my love of wood-meets-industrial streak. It’s a win-win since he owns a shop that holds salvaged treasures and I’m constantly looking for a one of a kind salvaged base for my next project. (Check out Green Peak Elements in Manchester, Vermont if you are looking for something unusual! He has the most awesome stuff in his store.)


Since I know the client loves barn wood, I decided to use some of my most prized stash of “blue barn wood” (I have no idea what it’s called, but the rough side looks blue to me, and the reverse side, when sanded and treated with Waterlox or oil, is absolutely amazing) from the Adirondack barn, and created a design where it would rest on a primary beam and two supporting beams that would only accent the design. I cut the beam intentionally so that the the presence of the original nail in the structure was visible on the end.


The planks were sealed with many coats of Waterlox.


And then delivered with love and some muscle to its new home.




IMG_8151 2

This is by far one of my FAVORITE custom order builds.

If you have been dreaming about a piece that you’d like in your home, please send me an email with a photo! I’d love to work with you to create it.



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