The Tiny House



Happy New Year!

Where did 2018 go??

I disappeared for most of 2018 to build a custom luxury tiny house.  (Insert as many happy emojis here as possible.)

2018 was the first year stepping back from shows, festivals, and custom orders to be a full-time apprentice on a construction site…much different from putting in shop time, I soon came to learn. I was thrilled to be hired to help with the design process, be a carpenter’s helper, and to then decorate the interior and exterior space of this precious home.

I was told early on that I wouldn’t be coddled and would be expected to do the same work as any other helper – if not more – based on my experience, knowing full well I was trying my hand at a job most teenage boys twenty years younger were doing concurrently to launch their carpentry careers. My resume mattered as little as my age, gender, reconstructed shoulders, or pacemaker. What a terrifying gift and wonderful opportunity.

I often inadvertently reverse the words of Luke. “If much is expected, much is given.” I may never be able to weld or burn Lichtenberg beauties, but I was often reminded on the job, “Let your work speak for itself.” There will always be someone better than you. There will always be something to learn. There will be days where you mess up royally not matter how hard you try and you agree for the umpteenth time that you should be fired for botching basic math, for arguing that a framing square is NOT technically a square, or for chasing after a chipmunk with a handful of nuts instead of being readily available to grab a tool. Greatest lesson learned? Extend grace to others and just as much to yourself. Just compete against who YOU were yesterday and strive for excellence, not perfection. You’ll never know your limitations until you push past what YOU thought they were and who YOU thought you were.

There is so much I could say about the job, give insights that they don’t show on the shows, share the triumphs and struggles, but this 8’6″x 20′ house on wheels speaks for itself. So instead of me going on any longer, here is the build in pictures. So thankful. So grateful. So exhausted. Time for a vacation!

I absolutely adore this little home.  Meet “The Hemingway.”  Soon to be listed/for sale.






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