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I’ve been playing in the woods for as long as I can remember, being mesmerized by the look, feel, and smell of the forest giants – from what I’d glimpse in the sunlit canopy to what was under my feet.  Thankfully, I had parents who encouraged exploring the woods. They were extremely understanding when I cut a fort in their forsythia hedge or took rocks from their nice wall to make a pond.  As I grew up, their support to make sure I had outlets to let my creative juices fly, even if it meant cutting apart a brand new Barbie’s outfit, helped me realize that I wasn’t going to be content unless I was building and creating something daily.

With the help of my trusty chainsaw, Daisy, I design and build furniture and other items made from recycled timber and various reclaimed materials. I started building with reclaimed materials in 2009. The base of every unique piece is provided by nature, and care is taken to preserve as much of the original tree as possible. When a tree falls naturally due to a storm, disease, or old age, it is repurposed into a table, an ornament, a trivet, or cabinet. Scraps of wood discarded by others are transformed into a practical wine table top. Corks cast aside by wine connoisseurs become reindeer. Pallets thrown out by businesses are renovated into a garden bench. It’s always exciting to see what can be created from an ordinary stump, a leaf, or a piece of bark.

Hopefully, this blog will be a resource for those of you who think, “I could make that!” when you see something on Pinterest, or, if you’re like me, pretty much everywhere you go. Feel free to ask questions if you are trying to replicate one of the designs you see here.  I love seeing others build and create using reclaimed materials. But if you’re on the other side of the spectrum and are thinking, “I don’t want to make that but I want to have it,” or, “I could totally make that but I don’t want to take the time,” then great! I’d be happy to make it for you.

Due to the nature of handmade items, please enjoy the slight variations in craftsmanship with each creation. Custom orders are welcome!

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